• Leather Gloves

    We Make Following gloves Items:
    ->Artifical Gloves
    ->Working Gloves
    ->Grain Leather Gloves
    ->Welding Gloves
    ->Mechanical Gloves
    ->Driver Gloves


    >White,Vat Dyed Towels Bathrobes for 1- Hotel.
    2- Hospital.
    White,Solid Dyed and yarn Dyed: 1-Rug Towels.
    2-Beach Towels.
    3-Natural Towels.
    5-Embroidered and Picque.
    6-Bathrobes - Terry and waffle.
    7-Bath Sleepers.

  • Curtain & Bedsheets

    1-Sheet sets from T132 and percale to 1000 thread counts.
    2- Quilt Cover sets.
    3- Comforters and comforter shells.
    4- Bed Spread.
    5- Curtains.
    6- Plush pillows filled in different shapes.
    7- Cushions.
    8- Sofa Covers.
    9- Matelasse and Jacquard Bed Ensembles.
    10- Institutional Sheets for Hotel and Hospital

  • Cushion

    1- Cushions.

    2- Sofa Covers.

  • Bees Keeper

    The veils on our suits are made from specially stiffened and UV-resistant netting and are supported away from the face, giving excellent all round vision and protection. The hoods on all our suits may be unzipped and thrown back when not in use.

  • Workwear Garments

    We are well known Sourcing of Highest Quality Workwear Garments and have been supplying to some of the biggest names in the industry in Europe for the last 20 years.

    Our product range includes garments for Protective Clothing & Workwear, Chefs Wear and Flame Retardant & High Visibility Garments.